Aaron Gocs

Divorced... With Children

In Divorced... with Children Aaron ‘Gocsy’ Gocs (Comedy Central, Vice, The Merger) opens up aboutnavigating his way through life as a suburban, divorced dad. It’s a heartfelt and humorous look into hislife through a collection of stories and jokes.

Gocsy takes you through the lows (and occasional highs) of trying to raise kids as a single parent whenyou haven’t even got your own life in order!

A celebrated stand-up comedian, Aaron has spent years honing the craft and is a confident performer on stage with a unique, individual style. Aaron also acts with roles in the feature film The Merger as well as ABC TV’s Ronny Chieng International Student.

'The makings of a comedy legend.' Herald Sun

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26th of May at 6:00pm at the Clarendon Hotel