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Nick Capper
Hold Me Closer Tiny Cancer

In 2021 comedian Nick Capper lost his testicle. He’ll never get it back again. Faced with his own mortality in the midst of a pandemic, and hurtling towards 40 years of age, Nick has decided to process his emotions in a level headed and sensible way – by writing a comedy show about losing one of his goolies.

Nick Capper is a cult favourite on the Australian comedy circuit, having toured across the country and cementing himself as a regular in the festival scene. Self described as Australia’s favourite agricultural comedian, his oddball antics and off-kilter musings make him stand out from the pack, as he blends his country farm upbringing with absurd and surreal comic delivery.

‘A master of the unexpected, Nick Capper’s punchlines sneak up on you every time.’ Beat Magazine

Nick Capper | Newcastle Comedy Festival

Show Date & Time

Sunday 28, May, 2023


Newcastle Comedy Club